Dennis Kuhn

(President & Mayor)               Zoning and Ordinance

 President, acts as the point-man for all zoning and ordinance issues, This includes residential, commercial, and business buildings. The president's approval is required before changes or acceptions can be made. He is also responsible for site plans and zoning maps.  


Jacquie Cade                           Water, Business, Taxes, General

(231) 269-3790

 Secretary, acts as the secretary for all issues pertaining to taxes, zoning, and water. This role contains almost all forms, applications, and updates pertaining to the village.


Larry Cade                               General Management

(231) 590-7954

 General Manager, acts as is the Chief Administrative Officer, a CAO is appointed by the Village Council to manage the affairs of the Village. He is responsible to provide the council a report on the ongoing activities, evaluations, improvements, as well as village promotion, marketing and day to day tasks. 


Mike Guernsey                           Water Emergencies & Street Department

(231) 590-4165

Water Technician, responsibilities include water shut off/on, meter reads, and is the point of contact for water related emergency.


Dennis Kuhn II                        Clerk, S4 Water Inspector  

(989) 350-0448 

 Village Clerk, Serves as village Clerk. Responsibilities include publishing all legal notices relating to his council and commission meetings, this includes affixing his stamp. Other responsibilities include, taxes, scheduling public hearings, and election notices.


Mike Guernsey                          Fire Chief

                                                  Office 269 3702   Cell 231 590 4165



Justin Runyon                           Assistant Fire Cheif

                                                 Cell 231 645-0455


Wexford County Treasurer          (231) 779-9475